How to create the illusion of success – and let your brain do the rest

The notion of “fake it till you make it” has received a bad rap of late – but here’s the twist: there’s scientific evidence to support the idea.

Why cinemas need to go back to the future

Are you planning to return to the popcorn, the dark and the Dolby? On the face of it, cinemas face a big task to overcome the menace of Covid-19. They seem like the cruise ships of the land-locked – one big melting pot of disease. We may be wrong. We hope we are....

Unbelievable: Why it’s too much of a bad thing

The slow-burn Netflix true-crime series Unbelievable contains truths about rape and the failings of the justice system that are too hard to take   Here's something I did with the Netflix crime drama Unbelievable that I’ve never done...

How do you know for sure this is a Shane Black movie?

The screenwriting credits of Shane Black are littered with blockbusters with a twist. So what does the creator of Lethal Weapon bring to a script?