“Fun!” – London Evening Standard

In our all-in-one compendium of ideas and inspirations for the Covid-19 pandemic, we put together tips on nutrition and mindfulness as well as FAQs about coronavirus itself.

We also compiled information that will give you reason to smile and laugh – ideas for lively family games and tongue-in-cheek tips on surviving a zombie attack, for example. Useful for lockdowns, yes, but also for rainy days, boring days – and family days.

Book cover

Everyone knows the story of the Mayflower, don’t they? The Pilgrim Fathers. The First Thanksgiving. Plymouth Rock.

But hang on – there’s way more to the story than just the myths and legends.

Published on the 400th voyage of a journey that came to shape the legend of America, this new compact history delves into the true history to give you a complete picture of this epic adventure – the people, the places, the perils.