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Lucia Blash

Lucia Blash


Lucia worked as a journalist and editor for more that 20 years before plying her trade in the dark arts of publicity.

She is the co-founder of Ravengate Publishing where she works with emerging and established writers on fiction, non-fiction, cookery, nutrition, health and wellbeing, and children's titles.

She is particularly interested in alternative lifestyles and practices. When she is not conjuring up new projects, she can be found hedgerow foraging with her son, harvesting wild foods with which to experiment.

Giles Broadbent

Giles Broadbent


Giles Broadbent is a multiple award-winning editor, journalist and designer.

Although born in Kent, he has made his home on the banks of the Thames in the London Docklands. From there, he has been one of the leading chroniclers of East London life.

Reporting from the heart of Canary Wharf, he has tracked the creative and digital explosion of the new East End as well as exposing stories of political corruption, violent crime and lukewarm coffee.

What’s our story?

Between us, we have decades of experience working in digital media and publishing companies at the highest level.

We are award-winning editors, writers and designers. We have run businesses for the long-term and campaigns for immediate impact. We know how and why marketing works. We understand profit and profile. We possess the tricks and secrets that make all the difference.

Now we’ve started on our own publishing adventure, with a focus on exploiting the mass-market opportunities presented by ebooks in the age of Kindle.

We want to share the benefits of great content, great design, great planning and great marketing – a wealth of tips and techniques harvested over the years – to give your book an edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

When there’s more of them than there are of you, you need people by your side.

Join us on our journey.

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