The curious case of a magic stone that caused ripples

What do a gross intestinal stone, landmark consumer law and magic have in common?

What is the boiling frog and why is it ruining my life?

Don’t worry. The boiling frog is alive and well. It thrives in meeting rooms and email chains of projects, big and small. Here's how to stop it. To halt any potential tears, I should make clear the boiling frog hypothesis is dead and no more frogs are boiled to say...

How to do blue-sky thinking the Google way

Imagine having virtually limitless money. And a taste for revolution. A hunger for new ideas. And access to the best brains in the world. That is the playground Google occupies. It’s wild brainiac think-the-unthinkable blue-sky research unit – called X –  has a more...

Wait up – here’s our 9 top social media trends for 2022

There’s something remarkable happening out there, beginning with the letter T. And it launches our list of the top social media trends of the year.