#Lockdown3 (Still) the only handbook you’ll ever need 

“Fun!” – London Evening Standard

In our all-in-one compendium of ideas and inspirations for the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, we’ve put together tips on nutrition and mindfulness as well as FAQs about coronavirus itself.

We’ve also compiled information that will give you reason to smile and laugh – ideas for lively family games and tongue-in-cheek tips on surviving a zombie attack, for example.

So dip into our capacious grab-bag of inspiration at your leisure. And remember – you can read the book on ANY device – just download the free Kindle app.

About The Book

With the deadly coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe, people are reeling from the disruption to their daily lives. They’re seeking answers to questions, big and small.

Questions such as:

  • How can I entertain my children?
  • How do I boost my immune system?
  • How would I cope in a zombie apocalypse?
  • What did people do before toilet paper?
  • And, what is a virus anyway?

The Lockdown Survival Handbook gives you back a sense of control with answers to all those questions, and many more.

Award-winning journalists Lucia Blash and Giles Broadbent have sifted through a blizzard of information to help you transform your querulous quarantine into an inspiring isolation.

In their upbeat all-in-one compendium, you’ll find ideas on what to do, what to watch, tips for better health, and true-life tales of endurance and isolation. All presented in a unique, easy-to-use handbook, packed with useful information and fun trivia.


  • How to unravel the mysteries of meditation
  • How to turn the humble baked bean into a hearty feast
  • How to launch a podcast
  • How bare-bottomed chickens confronted the Plague
  • The secrets to staying sane in solitary confinement
  • The bizarre story of the Hermit of Redcoats
  • And much, much more

“If you need a bit of guidance in keeping your spirits and wellbeing good, and finding ways to pass the time and keeping the family entertained, then The Lockdown Survival Handbook may be the title you’ve been waiting for.” Entertainment Focus

What’s inside



& Wellbeing



& Calm


How to pass

the time



goes digital


The end of the world

(as we know it)


Tinned food

to the rescue


Amazing stories

of isolation


Do something


Why we wrote the book


In April 2020 – in the middle of a lockdown which saw families separated and loved ones isolated – Queen Elizabeth II offered a comforting message that was aimed at a nation but struck a chord across the world. Her broadcast culminated with the words, “We’ll meet again”.

She was especially praised for her reference to that singularly moving pledge, drawn from the lyrics of a Vera Lynn song of the same name – a song that cheered the Allied Forces during the Second World War.

The world had not seen anything like that level of social disruption since those troubling days 70 or so years ago. We really were walking into the unknown, weren’t we?

Handily, the song also gave advice on how to undertake that difficult journey: “Keep smiling through, just like you always do, till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.”

What is so genius about those lyrics is the tone – hopeful, cheery, full of love but also acknowledging the heavy ache of separation and trials of living with so much uncertainty.

We’ve taken inspiration from that sentiment in The Lockdown Survival Handbook, a practical, heart-warming and useful guide to a life under lockdown.

In our all-in-one compendium of ideas and inspirations, we’ve compiled information that will give you reason to smile and laugh – ideas for lively family games and tongue-in-cheek tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse, for example. But we also recognise that isolation and separation can be a concerning and confusing time for many. So we’ve put together tips on nutrition and mindfulness.

We’ve used our decades of experience as award-winning journalists to bring together eye-popping tales, intriguing facts and fascinating how-to’s that will help fill the long hours at home. We’ve sifted and condensed all this useful information into easy-to-understand, bite-sized nuggets that are perfectly suited to our current topsy-turvy lifestyles.

So, dip in to our varied selection at your leisure. Take what you want from our capacious grab-bag and keep it beside you until – as Vera Lynn would say – the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.

Lucia Blash & Giles Broadbent


Themed parts

Did you know?

In 1891, a patent was granted for a toilet-paper roll – and the little perforations – with US inventor Setti Wheeler answering the eternal question on how to hang a toilet roll, with the flap over the roll or under. He said over. The answer is right there in a drawing that accompanies the patent.




On September 16, 1620 – 400 years ago – a handful of passengers set sail for America. They would face hardship, tragedy and perils that would test their endurance to the limit. Yet their ordeal, on sea and on land, would become the stuff of legend.

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