Citing irreconcilable creative differences, one-man band Barney Thumbchops has decided to split and go his separate ways.

A familiar sight on the Palmerston Road shopping mall in Southsea, madcap Barney plays a range of instruments including bucket drum, kazoo, banjo, clown horn, head cymbal, tin tray and washboard.

Barney, 53, said, “I’ve been doing the same old stuff – Yellow Submarine, Those Magnificent Men, Baby Shark – stuff for the kiddies. But these cool guys with loop stations are getting millions of views on Facebook with their ambient overdub mixes. That’s where I should be. I need to progress, musically.”

Just the one of us

However, Barney disagreed, saying that people loved what he did and why change a winning formula.

He said the row had taken a terrible toll. “I’m beside myself,” he added.

Lawyers have been called in to divide up the instruments, the back catalogue, the Thumbchops arrangements and, if no amicable arrangement can be reached, custody of the limbs.

Breaking news: As The Biscuit went to press, news filtered through that Barney has now patched up his row and now intends to embark on a nationwide reunion tour.