Burdened with regret lonesome dad Ollie Dodson admits he was “probably lying” when made his young son a series of upbeat promises following the zombie apocalypse.

Dodson, 36, who lives in the Delta Quadrant, free of infection for three months, says he really shouldn’t have vowed “I will find you, son” when he had no feasible means to execute his plan, nor much of an ambition to do so.

The rash pledge came when Podge and son, Ryan, 11, were separated by the military during the first Grand Exclusion.

How do you sleep at night?

Dodson said, “I mean, there are, like, a million Ryans so there’s very little point just wandering around shouting his name. I have no idea where he is and it’s a big country. I think I’m better off sitting tight in Delta Quadrant, see what happens.”

Dodson confessed to a whole series of morale-boosting fibs. They included the falsehoods that Ryan would become a fighter pilot like he had always dreamed; father and son would drink champagne in Paris on his 18th birthday; and that things, generally, would get better.

“I also told him that, once reunited, we would make it our mission to find his mum and sister.

“But they were already dead,” said a contrite Dodson. “So that one was just plain cruel.”